Clients may decide ahead of time what type of services they want, or they may follow the recommendations we make after our evaluation of their work. Please see “Evaluations” below for additional guidance.


Because the quality of manuscripts and the complexity of content vary greatly, we charge hourly, rather than by the page, for editing or writing, except with clients who have us on retainer. Though we wish we could keep our rates uniform, we recognize that a large corporate client and an individual or small business may differ greatly in their ability to pay. Hence we provide each client with the best possible individualized estimate.

We require payment for the first hour up front, or initial payment of the agreed retainer, deposited in our PayPal account. Once work begins, we bill a minimum of one hour per job, except in the case of a client on retainer. After the first hour, we calculate by rounding to the nearest quarter hour. For jobs requiring more than four hours of work, we require payment after every four hours and will suspend further work while awaiting payment.

If a document is under fifty pages, we ask to see the entire file in order to evaluate it. For documents of more than fifty pages, we ask to see a sample of twenty or more pages, such as a chapter or two from a book. If the document requires end matter, such as endnotes or bibliographic information, we need to see a sample of that as well.

Once we have reviewed the sample, we will respond with our recommendations and a price quote. We reserve the right to turn down projects that do not align with our beliefs and practices.

SPECS Editing Evaluation Request